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Transcribing Services and Our Transcribers

Pacific Transcription caters to the individual needs of clients by ensuring that our services deliver flexibility, convenience and quality, each time our transcribing services are used.

We offer an array of transcription services including media and finance transcription, research transcription (i.e. interviews and focus groups), medical and legal dictation, medico-legal reports, and other specialty services.  

Our focus on accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism ensures that our clients receive a tailored, specialised service, every time.


Transcription is the process of transferring the spoken word into text.  

At Pacific Transcription we convert digital audio files, which are generated by devices such as hand held recorders or SmartPhones, into digital word documents or ‘transcripts’ of recordings.

The most common audio file types include: .wma, .mp3, .wav, .dss, .m4a, .aif, .voc, .dvf, .dct, and .iaf.

The conventional process for creating a transcript is outlined below:

1. The typist opens the audio file in transcription software.
2. The typist listens to the audio file and types what is being spoken into a digital word document.
3. The typist returns the completed transcript to the client.

Where Pacific Transcription differs from most transcription companies is through the existence of another step between Steps 2 and 3, above.  This additional step, in which the draft transcript created by a typist is passed through a Quality Assurance queue, further improves the overall quality of the transcript created.  We take our commitment to quality seriously.

Pacific Transcription Typists

Pacific Transcription has a large pool of experienced typists who are skilled in transcribing a range of specialty areas, encompassing law, medicine, research, finance and media.  

The team within New Zealand are experienced transcribers of basic Te Reo Maori, with many of our typists possessing a minimum of 10 years of experience in their particular field.

Our commitment to fostering typists with a pre-existing skill base means that we are able to provide transcripts of the highest quality, in a timely manner to ensure systematic efficiency for the client.

We endeavour to match a typist’s area of experience with a particular file.  This means that files with a certain accent, location, or area of specialty can be matched to the most suitable typist to ensure a comprehensive and accurate transcript.

Our contractors are highly valued and we offer a flexible workplace, with most of our typists working from home and accessing audio via a specially designed, secure website.  

The secure website is protected by security protocols and encryption algorithms which meet the requirements of Australia’s DSD (Defence Signals Directorate): an industry bench-mark within the region for security of interaction with government agencies.

Why use Pacific Transcription

By outsourcing transcription requirements to Pacific Transcription clients can spend more time developing their core business.  

Pacific Transcription provides a variety of flexible options to clients – from outsourcing the entire typing workload to Pacific Transcription, to using Pacific’s services for overflow typing, or for urgent, one-off or unexpected transcription work.

We are committed to meeting client requirements, and have robust, scalable proprietary work-flow management systems that ensure we are able to simultaneously handle the specific turnaround times and template requirements of numerous clients.  

We are big enough to have strong systems but small enough to understand that your work requires care and attention.

Pacific Transcription is highly communicative throughout the transcription process and our friendly staff members are available for immediate assistance via phone or email during business hours.