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Legal Dictation

Pacific Transcription can customise each transcript of a legal dictation with your individual or firm letterhead or template, providing a significant time saving in your daily workflow.

We transcribe a range of dictation types such as memos, letters, file notes, reports, interviews, and other correspondence. Pacific Transcription also has the capacity to provide transcripts which conform to court submission guidelines when requested.

We understand the tight deadlines involved in the legal profession, and as such our overnight transcription service offers clients the convenience of uploading dictation at the end of the working day, to be transcribed and available the next morning.

Upload via our secure client login

Through our encrypted client login accounts we offer a secure, efficient and easy method for clients to provide audio.  The majority of our legal clients utilise a handheld Olympus or Philips digital recorder or dictation app on a SmartPhone, which allows them to upload the audio files at their convenience.  Our system is also ideal for larger firms as it allows administration managers to upload batches of audio quickly and easily to the firm’s Pacific Transcription secure client account.

Recording dictation

Pacific Transcription recommends several dictation devices in order to maximise the quality of your transcript:

  • top-of-the-range Olympus or Philips (Speech Processing Solutions) dictaphone or pocket memo
  • Phillips Speechmike used in conjunction with Philips workflow software
  • High quality professional dictation app for mobile phones (such as Dictate + Connect for iPhones or Olympus, Philips or Winscribe dictation apps for most SmartPhones). For clients using their iPhones or iPads, the Dictate + Connect dictation app offers the ability for clients to transfer files directly to their secure Pacific Transcription account.

Court transcription

Our pool of typists is experienced in a range of court matters including tribunals, hearings, and meetings, and is familiar with identifying multiple speakers involved within a courtroom procedure.  We are able to transcribe court recordings which are recorded on tapes, CDs and all digital formats, and are also able to supply certifications of accuracy if requested.  Please contact us to discuss your court transcription requirements.

Records of Interview

Pacific Transcription is experienced in supplying transcripts of police interviews for the purposes of court hearings.  We are able to provide these transcripts in any requested template or format and can facilitate a range of turnaround times.  We understand the requirement for confidentiality, security, and content accuracy within this line of work, and are able to provide certifications of accuracy.  Our Privacy Policy is available to view on our website.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.