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Our archiving service offers clients peace-of-mind by retaining all documents in the client’s secure login account for the duration of their subscription with us.

Benefits of archiving system:

Access to all transcripts in a central location which can be accessed from any device with internet connection.

Assured security of your files in your individual online account.

Files automatically transferred to the archive area, which relieves you from downloading and storing all transcripts on your computer.

How does it work?

For a small monthly fee, documents can be copied across to a separate ‘archive’ section of your secure online account.  This allows you to keep all transcripts in the one secure location for the duration of your subscription with us.  Backups to an offsite data centre are also made daily for additional protection.

What does it mean if I don’t have file archiving?

In accordance with our privacy policy, all documents are purged from client login accounts approximately one month after the document has been uploaded.

Audio Archiving

We also offer audio archiving services however these prices vary depending on the format and quantity of audio, due to our server size restrictions.  Please contact us if you would like more information regarding audio archiving.

For more information please contact us.