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Captioning and Subtitling

In order to provide more equitable access to information many companies and institutions utilise our offline captioning and subtitling services.

By adding captions to a video file viewers are able to visually understand video content by following text which runs simultaneously to the dialogue of the DVD or TV program. For example, subtitles in a film which run concurrently with the dialogue.

Captions are suitable for people who are hearing impaired and also allow for a wider scope of communication by providing the subject matter in text as well as audio-visually, which is useful for things like promotional campaigns, educational or marketing videos. We provide captions for a range of videos such as:

Financial presentations

Recorded university lectures


Media presentations

Promotional or training videos

Educational videos

Pacific Transcription offers both closed* and open** captions and accepts a range of digital video format types including .mov, .wav, and .avi.
*Closed Captions: captions can be turned on and off by viewer
**Open Captions: captions are embedded in the video file and therefore cannot be turned off.
For more information regarding captioning, please contact us.