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Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) and Pacific Transcription

Dictate + Connect app for iPad or iPhone allows users to streamline their dictation and transcription process with Pacific Transcription.

Pacific Transcription and Dictate + Connect have partnered to make the dictation and transcription process more efficient than ever.  This partnership facilitates automatic upload of finished dictations to clients’ individual and secure Pacific Transcription login account.   This simple and automatic process means clients have much more flexibility and convenience when working out of the office and away from the computer.  It eliminates the time taken transferring audio from a dictaphone to a computer, and then manually uploading the files to client login account.

This process is ideal for those who dictate daily and provides high quality sound recordings in a simple, efficient and streamlined system.

The app is available for all Pacific Transcription clients who use an iPhone or iPad.  All you need is the Dictate + Connect app (paid version) and a client login account with Pacific Transcription.

Test the app

A trial version of the app is available.  It allows you to test 5 dictations (all max 30 seconds long), so that you can assess whether the app is right for your needs and to test how it works.  The full version is available from the Apple iStore, and has an upper limit of dictations totalling 24 hours.

Get started

1. Download the app from the Apple iStore.
2. If you do not have an existing account with Pacific Transcription, email us to set up an account.
3. Open the app once downloaded and in the ‘Sharing’ area of the app on your apple device, select ‘Add Sharing Destination’, and select Pacific Transcription (already listed), then enter your Pacific Transcription username and password when prompted.
4. Begin your dictation.
5. Once you have finished dictating, click the send button, and your files will be automatically uploaded to your secure online account.

Key features of Dictate + Connect Professional Dictation App

The ability to rewind, overwrite, insert.

Move and delete sections in a dictation.

Bookmarks in dictations.

Instant dictation controls.

Record in the background (no phone calls).

Precise voice activation.

Intuitive, straightforward user interface.

Multiple sharing platforms (email, download, FTP, dropbox, etc).

Automated sharing option.

AES-128 encryption (DSD suite B cryptographic algorithm).

Availability of various digital formats – mp4, aac, wav, and aiff formats.

Barcode scanner.

With Dictate + Connect the recording and transferring of files is simpler and more efficient, which means that we get your audio faster, and you get your completed transcripts back sooner.  It is the best of both worlds, with cutting-edge voice recording technology, the ease of file transfer, and reliable, quality-driven, rapid transcription services.

Click here to download the Dictate + Connect User Manual for iPhone/iPad touch.