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Minute Taking From Recorded Audio

Pacific Transcription provides minutes of events for a variety of clients including boards, companies, and government bodies.

Our experienced minute takers produce minutes from an audio recording which can be easily uploaded to a secure login on our website.

As minutes are summary documents and not word-for-word transcripts we are able to tailor individual documents to the level of detail required by clients, in each circumstance.  As a general guide our minute takers will type 2-3 pages of summary notes for every 1 hour of audio.  The summary covers:

what was discussed and by whom,

what was agreed,

what actions are to be taken and by whom, and

agreed deadlines.

We are able to provide advice on the best options for recording meetings. We recommend that meetings are recorded using a high quality digital recording device.

This method enables clients to receive high quality minutes, without the cost of a minute taker actually attending the meeting in person.

The audio is then uploaded by the client to their secure login account. Our minute takers type the minutes, supported by any other documentation supplied by clients such as agendas, previous minutes and supporting documents. We are also able to provide minutes on custom templates, if required.

To discuss your minute taking needs further please contact us.