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NVivo | Compatible Formats

Many of our research clients opt to have their transcripts formatted for NVivo integration. NVivo coding allows for a more time-efficient process, letting you seamlessly import the transcript into the program so you can spend more time analysing your data.

Formatting Options

Pacific Transcription offers four NVivo formatting options for interview and focus group transcripts.  If you have a specific formatting requirement outside these four options please contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs. It is essential that you notify us of your NVivo formatting requirements at the time of uploading your audio files.

NVivo Synchronised formatting

  • Compatible only with versions Nvivo8 and later
  • All speaker changes are time-coded for ease of integration into NVivo
  • Formatted for streamlined import into NVivo
  • Audio/video and transcript are synchronised automatically to allow you to watch or listen to the audio whilst analysing the transcript
  • Synchronisation allows you to click any turn in the transcript to bring up the matching audio segment
  • This formatting is used to gather qualitative cues such as emotion, inflection, and gesture
  • Every turn is attributed to a particular speaker, allowing coding to be more efficient and straightforward, particularly where speaker identification is necessary
  • Most useful for focus groups, semi-structured or unstructured interviews
  • Incurs a 25% surcharge

NVivo Headings Questions

  • Uses specific client-supplied interview questions which are followed during the interview process
  • Transcripts are formatted to enable auto-coding of nodes for each question, and within that, facilitator and interviewee are differentiated
  • Allows you to analyse responses to a particular question efficiently
  • Incurs a 15% surcharge

NVivo headings Simple

  • Ideal for less structured interviews
  • Facilitator and interviewee can be transcribed in the same heading style which enables separate nodes on the same hierarchical level when imported into NVivo
  • Useful for saving time when manually coding
  • Enables user to identify the environment of certain themes within nodes
  • Incurs a 10% surcharge

NVivo Basic

  • Simplified format enables importation of the transcript into NVivo as a text
  • Compatible with all versions of NVivo (as well as NUD*IST and XSIGHT)
  • Does not automatically code speakers differently in NVivo, or organise the interview
  • No surcharge applies

NVivo table

Pacific transcription can format your existing transcripts for import into NVivo. Transcripts must be in a .doc or .docx format. Please contact us to discuss pricing and details.