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Pacific Transcription is dedicated to maintaining client privacy and confidentiality.  We provide and maintain industry leading security and confidentiality standards and adhere to the governing privacy bodies in place, such as:

  • New Zealand Information Privacy Principles contained within the Privacy Act 1993
  • The Privacy Electronic Communications Directive regulations 2003 (Australia)
  • The Data Protection Act 1998 (Australia)
  • The telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) regulations 1999 (Australia)

Our commitment to privacy is evident through our various measures including limited use of personal information, secure website, audit trail, document return, purging of transcripts, university confidentiality, medical and health records information privacy, employee and subcontractor confidentiality agreements, international clients
and files.

Limited Use of Personal Information

Typists at Pacific Transcription are granted limited access to client information, and are only able to access client audio files, as and when required, after screening against any pre-determined criteria.

Only information pertaining to the content of the audio is released to the typists.

Secure Website

Pacific Transcription uses a specifically designed website through which clients can upload their audio and access their transcripts.  Client accounts are password protected and clients have the ability to set their own passwords. All passwords are securely stored in an encrypted format.

We use a SSL 128 bit encryption algorithm, and access to the Pacific Transcription site is auditable via IP number. We are also compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office (UK), which promotes openness by public bodies and individuals’ data privacy.

Audit Trail

Activity within client accounts is fully auditable by Pacific Transcription. Access to client and file information is managed through access levels controls and password protection. A log of all activity by typist, administration, and client within the client account is automatically recorded in the system. This allows a full trail of activity to be generated when required.

Document Return

Completed transcripts are uploaded to a specific section of the client account, and clients are sent an email notification (using the email address listed in the login account). This ensures security of information as only those who know the login password will have access to the documents. This process is protected by standard HTTPS protocol.

Clients who are less concerned regarding transcript security however (e.g transcripts of public finance briefings), can elect to have completed transcripts emailed as well as uploaded.

Purging of Transcripts

Completed transcripts are stored in client accounts for approximately one month after return. After this point, your audio and transcript files are purged from our readily accessible systems and your client account.

Archived copies of audio and transcripts are maintained for a period of time for quality assurance purposes unless otherwise agreed with clients. Files may be retrieved during this time for a small retrieval fee, outlined in the rates brochure.

Clients may request that completed transcripts are retained for a shorter period of time if desired.

University Confidentiality

Pacific Transcription conforms to university contractor agreements, and we are able to sign specific individual confidentiality agreements where requested.

Medical and Health Records Information Privacy

Pacific Transcription understands that medical files require further measures to ensure that personal and confidential information remains protected.  We have taken additional steps to ensure that medical transcripts remain secure and private.

As privacy is considered a central focus of Pacific Transcription, security is closely monitored by the Managing Director.

Our team of medical typists is highly trained and reviewed regularly by our quality assurance team, and all are familiar with the Pacific Transcription Privacy Policy, and any legal and individual client requirements that may apply.

We communicate openly with our clients and typists and are able to accommodate any additional security requirements clients may have, and can grant our clients full access to our operating systems to ensure transparency and robustness in our privacy and security measures.

Employee and Subcontractor Confidentiality Agreements

All employees and subcontractors of Pacific Transcription are required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencing work.  The agreement complies with the New Zealand Information Privacy Principles contained within the Privacy Act 1993, as well as Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HiPAA USA), and Information Commissioner’s Office directives (UK).

International Clients and Files

Pacific Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian company that trades in New Zealand, Australia and East Asia as Pacific Transcription, and trades in the UK and Europe as Sterling Transcription and Expedict.

Australian Privacy Principles are compliant with New Zealand privacy standards. Non-disclosure agreements are available upon request.

The transference of files between countries is undertaken in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

For more information please contact us.

Please click here to download a copy of our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions documents.