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Catherine Byrne in Data Security, Dictation, Medical Transcription

Why Data Security And Restricted Access Matters To Medical Companies

Data security and restricted access are essential requirements of a growing number of our clients.  These clients require all their transcription work performed exclusively in a specific jurisdiction, such as a single country, territory or region. Security measures that deliver data security and restricted access must meet strict data protection criteria as set out in […]

Catherine Byrne in Better Audio, Dictation, Industry News, Mobile Dictating, Tips

Scrap The Dictaphone, It’s Dictating Time – Smartphone Style!

Dictating with your smartphone is easy.  Most smartphones come with a recording app, already installed, and high-quality microphones which produce exceptionally crisp and clear audio. What’s the one thing you never leave home without?  Let me guess – your smartphone.  If we’re lugging our smartphones around with us, why not use it to your advantage?  […]

Pacific Solutions in Dictation, Healthcare, Medical Transcription

6 Ways Medical Transcriptionists Can Help You

Medical transcriptionists have an important role to play in the healthcare industry and it’s not easily done.  Essentially, medical transcriptionists are specialists in understanding and dictating medical language and healthcare documentation. Doctors dictate their reports into audio files and medical transcriptionists listen to the files and type them. This means the medical transcriptionist needs to […]


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